Book review in Dagens Nyheter Our books Noir by Sandra Praun and Anders Ängsvik’s Roadkill are reviewed by Sebastian Johans in Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest morning newspaper).

Mara Lee We are working on Mara Lee’s latest research project: Loving Others, Othering Love: A Toolbox for Postcolonial and Feminist Artistic Practices, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. To be released in 2021.

Award The book Noir – A Serendipitous Encyclopedia Inspired by 1001 Names for the Color Black by Sandra Praun has been awarded Swedish Book Art (Svensk Bokkonst).

Surrounded by Living Tissue The artist’s book Surrounded by Living Tissue by Oscar Guermouche is currently exhibited in the new library at Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art. 

Magasin III The Book We are working on a major publication together with Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art. On March 6, 2019, we had a public talk at the museum about the work with the book. To be released in 2021/22.

Pop-Up Bookstore on Öland In the village of Gårdby on the Swedish island Öland, there is a café, restaurant, chocolaterie, handicraft and a flea market, among other things. During the summer, they all keep open on Tuesday evenings. On July 14, we had a temporary shop

“Kom ihåg att du ska dö” Text by Oscar Guermouche on Anders Ängsvik’s Roadkill among many other things in the online magazine Verk Tidskrift, no 03/2020 (in Swedish).